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Activation Call

Are you feeling like you're almost there but just need that extra piece of the puzzle?

Are you ready for the big breakthrough but you feel like something is blocking you?

Do you want to ground your vision into reality?

I can hear a HELL YEAH!



And you've come to the right place, my friend.

I've been exactly where you are now, feeling stuck, but I stayed there way too long because I didn't seek out the guidance I truly required. 

It takes multi-dimensional guidance to up level your life, to enable you to see the old baggage that is keeping you stuck, but to also liberate you to fly the fuck free on your new path.

Choose between one or three 90 minute activation sessions, depending on what you feel you need.



They will follow the same flow, but obviously we can get far deeper over 3 sessions. We cover:

- identifying & clearing your blocks

- bringing your dreams into a grounded vision

- tangible tools to enable you to quantum leap your life

There are also bonus gifts in there for you,'re a MF legend! For choosing yourself, your growth and your expansion.

Peace fam,





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