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What is Poetic Genius?

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Poetic Genius is an experience designed to awaken your creative gifts through connective practices, community, and a sprinkle of magic ✨🌈✨

Elevate your mind 🧠 Enliven your heart πŸ’œ

If you’re a creative and you’d like to be able to tap into inspiration at will and express your brilliance with ease, this message is for you.

Genius is not limited to a few lucky people, it is a frequency, just like a station on a radio, that can be accessed by anyone through connective practices.

Through a combination of yoga, mediation, dancing, breath work, and consistent creative practice I was able to get in touch with a steady stream of inspiration and write poems everyday for 100 days.

I had never written poetry before, but was using the creative practice as a means for self-reflection and healing. Over the course of the 100 days I started to be pleasantly surprised with what was coming through and got really good feedback from the people I shared the work with.

What I realized is that the connective practices and consistency allowed me to become a channel for higher energies to flow through me.

At the end of the 100 days I hired an editor and made the work into my very first collection of poetry called “From Infinity To Infinity.”


The process of becoming an author was amazing! At the book release a voice of inspiration told me to have people come up to read the poems and spread the creative energy around. Seeing people have the same energies that moved through me move through them was so inspiring.

We continued the celebration with yoga, dancing in a silent disco, and sharing a meal afterwards. It was beautiful!

When I got feedback about the event, several people told me they went home and wrote their own poems and the idea for a month long poetry circle was born.

As cool as it was to hear people reading my work, it would be so much cooler for you to read your own work and share the wisdom from your own transformative journey.

Poetic Genius is an event curated to ignite your creative spark and guide you to connect with your unique expression of genius.

At this event we’ll be doing Chinese Tea Ceremony to ground, setting our intentions, doing yoga + breath work, silent disco dancing which will allow you to connect inwards and outwards in a profound way, and then taking time to write a poem to encapsulate the experience.

All that to show that if you come together with a community and ritualize a process of connection with Self, creativity is limitless.

Joshua and Rowena describe the vibe

🌊 Waves 🌊


Tea Ceremony

Get grounded, hydrated, and connected with tribe while enjoying refreshing loose leaf tea.

Hatha Yoga

Align with your higher self and visualize the manifestation of your intentions while gently stretching your body and awakening the kundalini in your spine.


We ALL come into this world on an INHALE and we all leave this world on an EXHALE.

Breathing is the most natural and automatic thing we humans do. Breath is the thing we all do subconsciously and we NEED in order to survive. It is something we do 24/7 three hundred and sixty five days a year! Controlling the breath should be second nature, but it’s not. It is a learned skill to develop. Breathing correctly is a tool that can change your life.

Silent Disco

Unleash your primal energy within and let it coarse through your veins.

After yoga you will put on headphones which will play music that guides you into ecstatic states where your creative energy is flowing.

Meet Niki and hear about her experience



Attune to the frequency of GENIUS

Tune in to turn on


Slow down to calm your nervous system through Chinese tea ceremony, guided visualization, and hatha yoga.


Free up stagnant energy by dancing in a silent disco sonic journey. 


Tap into the creative flow you've cultivated and authentically express your soul through poetry.

"Hello. My name is Jen. I attended Dijon's event And it was so rejuvenating to my soul. It was just incredibly peaceful. Dijon did a really awesome job of facilitating yoga and meditation and then we danced, and that was really fun and liberating. It was really awesome to just be around so many amazing people, who were in their space of freedom and felt fully able to express themselves. However they wanted, in a safe container that Dijon was able to hold for all of us. It was really a fun time to kind of let loose and at the same time, integrate within and look within. It was a really, really awesome experience. After the event, I felt so lit up and inspired that I actually wrote my own poem and I've never done that before! So that just goes to show you that creativity and the internal interest that was peaked within started from that event. So thank you Dijon for setting the space and creating that space for creativity and, and playfulness enjoy to be explored in a really safe space. So thank you. I cannot wait for the next one."


🌈 Ride the Rainbow 🌈

Guide - Dijon Bowden

I believe everyone has infinite potential. We are all conduits for the same universal energy. Our ability to manifest our greatness depends on how cleanly we are connected to our higher self.

My passion is inspiring people to realize their own greatness through connective practices. Some traditional: like yoga, breathwork, and mediation + some more innovative: like silent disco dancing, tea ceremony, and community based creativity.

I am honored to guide you deeper within to connect with your essence so that you can live joyfully.

Guide - Sydney Strabala

I believe yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing or any other modality for that matter, are ALL working with the SAME energy.

 Each school of thought or ancient lineage is trying to bring you back home, home within yourself. Home in your heart.

Connecting you to that infinite energy source. Connecting you to the feeling of knowing who you are.

Helping you remember the Divinity within you. Helping you reach an attitude of peace and acceptance towards your experiences. Providing clarity. Elevating your perspective. Unlocking the intuition and inner guidance of what's next.

Giving you the ability to self-express without insecurity or self-judgement.

It doesn't matter if you choose to do 31 minutes of breath of fire, an intense ashtanga flow, a relaxing sound bath, a quiet meditation in your neighborhood park or ANY other mindful practice. Each modality is a pathway for your Soul to come back home... to Oneness and Love.

​I believe that certain classes, teachers, and techniques will resonate with different people. We are all unique expressions of that Oneness. Like different sides or facets of ONE brilliant diamond, we reflect out the same light in a unique projection - so it makes perfect sense that we all journey back to the light in different ways!

I encourage you to seek. Do not blindly follow everything you hear, but experiment with your own energy. Treat your life as one beautiful fascinating experiment! Have an open mind about your journey.

"Last Saturday, I went to Dijon Bowden's book review, and it was magical. I'm originally from Michigan and my friend just surprised me and told me that we were going. When I got there, Dijon was serving tea and he just had a very peaceful, serene presence. After tea, we did yoga and then we did a silent disco where we just laid in the grass and listened to this high vibrational music with beats. And then after that, we got up and danced around and it was just a really good experience on my trip. I was happy that I got to attend, and it also connected me with other spiritual workers, which is now changing my career path. So, it all happened in perfect alignment. I now can be a part of the spiritual community. So I'm super grateful I got to meet Dijon and attend his book review."


Poetic Genius Begins in









September Daily Poetry Challenge

After this event you have the opportunity to join a daily poetry challenge for the month of September.

This challenge will consist of guidance on how to access and channel your unique creativity, a community space to share your poems, and also weekly check-ins via Zoom to share inspiration and move past resistance.

At the end of the month, everyone will pick their favorite 11 poems and we'll make them into an eBook and have a book launch party where we all share our work!

Learn more about the Challenge

Join the GENIUS tribe

Surround yourself with people committed to embodying their best selves through creative expression. Because COMMUNITY + CREATIVITY = MAGIC ✨🌈✨

"Hi, Renee here. I wanted to stop by and give a little shout out to my friend Dijon who is this beautiful person and I'm so honored to call him my friend. He invited me to this recent gathering and it was such a beautiful group of people. We instantly felt the energy of love. Dijon started it off with a sweet tea ceremony, and I'm all about tea. People were getting their face painted and hen he led us over to this beautiful lawn with big Palm trees and we did yoga under the shade of Palm trees, and it was just such a beautiful experience. Then we were ending in savasana and he's like, you have headphones, go ahead and put them on, then we were just dancing So I just wanted to share my enjoyment and highly recommend it. And I live in San Francisco, but I would totally make the trip down to hit another one."


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