Awaken Your Creativity and Become a Published Author in 60 Days

Hi, I'm Dijon, author of From Infinity To Infinity.

I'm inviting you to join a community of conscious souls devoted to being fully expressed and co-create an anthology to showcase your creative brilliance.

Become a Poetic Genius

In this transformative online experience you will learn

  • how to access flow states
  • how to channel your creativity through poetry
  • how to get in touch with hidden emotions so you can heal
  • how to express your authentic self
  • how to create new dance moves 
  • how to publish a book
    • how to get an ISBN
    • how to copyright your work
    • how to get it on Amazon


Before publishing my first book I was:

  • depressed
  • isolated
  • creatively constipated
  • in a state of fear
  • inconsistent in my relationship with myself
  • questioning my worth

After publishing two books:

  • I am deeply self connected and aware of my internal being
  • very confident in my ability to visualize a creative project and go step by step through the process until it’s complete
  • I can recognize when I need support and feel comfortable investing in myself and hiring an expert to help me achieve the result I’m desiring
  • I am getting paid to facilitate other people to connect with their inner being and express it creatively via workshops and programs
  • I’m speaking on other people’s platforms about the process of creative awakening so that my message gets shared globally

Testimonial ~ Karl 

Hear how Karl uncovered his sensitive poetic side while cultivating creativity and connecting with the community.

Join the Community

Publish a book in 60 Days

Get guided through co-creating an anthology with other writers.

Accountability: Devote yourself to a daily creative practice.

Support: Have weekly (4 total) group calls during Part 1 to support your creative process.

Work with a professional editor to help you create a beautiful poetry collection that you can actually hold.

Part 1: Day 1 ~ 30

Activate Your Creative Potential

Learn how to access flow states to supercharge your creativity with ease. You will get access to

  • a private community where you will write and share a poem each day with everyone in the community
  • a series of videos with guided meditations, yoga, dance challenges, and other rituals to help you connect with your expression of genius

Part 2: Day 31 ~ 60

Edit and Format the Book

Work with an editor at Tell Tell Poetry who will provide the following for your favorite 11 poems:

  • Provide 1 round of line-by-line critique per poem
  • Provide 2 rounds of proofreading per poem
  • Provide 1 questionnaire

Testimonial ~ Nikita

My experience in Poetic Genius has opened up my Awareness in viewing life as poetry and my existence as a Creative Being. The practice of tuning in to write a poem each day has led to a subtle unraveling of my daily communications with nature and others as an innate poetic expression. With that, I feel I am better seen in my authenticity and able to channel creative source energy by not being attached to my mind, and rather, inviting fluidity as I walk through life. The feedback provided by Dijon has truly been helpful, he has great insights into unlocking different levels of our abilities. It is beautiful to witness the community in their expression in our creative container. Visioning and creating through the power of our words, imagination, and experience is a potent form of alchemical healing. 

Free Yourself

You have an infinite well of creativity within you ready to be unleashed to the world. Are you ready to be fully creatively empowered?

Join Poetic Genius

Testimonial - Kayla

When I started Poetic Genius I was going through some pretty bad writer's block. I have been writing poetry every day for years but my creativity had come to a screeching halt. I hadn’t written for months. Dijon created a safe container where poets both new and familiar with the craft could come together and share what was on our minds. The community itself was both supportive and inspiring. With Dijon guiding us to post daily I let go of the fear of writing something ‘bad’ and instead focused on writing. Letting go of judgment and surrendering to the work. I gave myself the opportunity to explore new styles and topics in my poetry and wrote some of my best poems during the process. Dijon provided us with many tools to help along the way. My favorite were the different guides on ways to raise your vibration and connect to your creativity. But my favorite overall part of the process was being able to read the daily work of everyone in the group. It served as a source of inspiration for my own work throughout the month. And helped me feel more connected to my international creative community. There is nothing like reading the most intimate creative work of a stranger every day to remind you that we are all connected. Overall this process was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in poetry or tapping more into their creativity.

Key benefits from this course

  • being a published author as co-creator of an anthology
  • understand the step by step process of creating a book
  • a deeper connection with yourself
  • devotion to an expansive creative practice
  • increased self-confidence as a result of setting a goal and seeing it through to the end
  • access to a community to creative-minded, growth-oriented souls
  • tools to self-regulate your emotions and then channel them into creative expression

Testimonial ~ Chantelle

I recently joined the Poetic Genius poetry group one month ago and it was the greatest experience In my life. Dijon Bowden, a remarkably talented artist, has been an amazing inspiration in my life. He has helped to reach my highest potential and explore my hidden talents and creativity to expand my gifts to another level. The experience I have gained from joining the Poetic Genius poetry group and writing my own poems has been tremendous. It has helped me to build my self-confidence. It has been instrumental with regards to my healing process. I started believing in myself again. I have gained so much wisdom from this remarkable artist Dijon Bowden. He believed in me when no one else would. He gave me the opportunity to learn poetry. Creating my own poems that's something I never imagined I could do. He gave me the opportunity to excel and explore, and my experience has led me to a higher dimension. I now believe the sky's the limit. I can achieve all my dreams and goals. It's all thanks to the amazingly talented artist and mentor Dijon Bowden who took me under his wing and shaped and molded me to become the woman I am today.

Your Guide ~ Dijon

I'm a multi-dimensional artist who believes in creative expression as a means to self-actualization.

Yoga, meditation, and community are the foundations of my creative process and throughout my ten years as a professional photographer, storyteller, musician, poet, and podcaster I've learned universally accessible ways to tap into flow states.

This community was created to support you to fully activate your creativity.

Once you're tapped in, you can live knowing you are sharing your unique essence through creative expression. 

My first volume of poetry From Infinity to Infinity was released in June 2020. Words can't really describe what it feels like to hold your own book in your hands so I'll just leave this picture...I'm so excited for you to experience this feeling.

Become a Poetic Genius

Poem Testimonial ~ Nivz

When I joined this remarkable group 

It was purely to just  have fun

A creative journey into poetry I had begun

Upon joining this group it’s like my eyes were opened to a different dimension

A blank piece of paper  was now filled with beauty, color, and full of expression 

That is something I never imagined it would be 

When I closed my eyes I let the words come to me

In my heart the words I would feel

Words came alive when my pen hit the paper

I could never have  created such masterpieces in the form of poetry without the mentorship of an amazing author

“Dijon Bowden”

Poetic genius allowed my imagination to be seen

I never knew the power of paper and pen 

Until I started exploring my creative talent and expressing myself from within

Because of this hidden talent that was found

A joy filled me and made me forget my sorrows

The woman I was now becoming made me feel so proud 

Forty poems I did write

I couldn’t believe my eyes at this surprise, I was writing poems with so much delight

Along the way, I met such incredible beings 

On this poetry group they were seen

Powerful and inspirational beings from different parts of the world 

Their poetry some sad, some mystical, some inspirational and some were of stories untold

So much inspiration from these amazing upcoming poets I did see unfold

What has this amazing group done for me

My unexpressed emotion it helped me free

So much healing within I started to see

So much in tune with my higher self, I could feel

It unlocked the poet in me

A big thank you to Dijon's dimension 

For helping me to become a Poetic Genius

An upcoming poet on an inspirational level