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From Infinity to Infinity PDF

Experience the Infinite ✨ 

How can we navigate our modern world while staying true to ourselves? “The speed of nature teaches us so much,” offers Dijon Bowden’s debut poetry collection, From Infinity to Infinity. Through lotus flowers, peach trees, honey bees, “radiant raspberry redwoods,” and more, Bowden directs our attention to those elements of our environment which might support us to rediscover our true selves.

This collection shines far beyond its imagery and hums at a frequency that coaxes the mind open. With poems that enchant as mantra and affirmations, this book is full of timeless truths from ancient meditative practices, wrought in modern and compelling verse. Bowden takes readers on a transformative journey, invigorating mind and spirit to invite us to celebrate life. He gives praise to the divine in its myriad forms, from enjoying the pleasures of a simple peach to delving deep into one’s psyche through yoga and meditation.

From Infinity to Infinity instructs us to savor each beautiful victory of careful attention, showing how dynamic ways of thinking and an open heart can overcome the world’s obstacles. Utilizing a profound personal understanding of the regenerative power of meditation and the cleansing energy of rightly placed spirituality, these lines get at the heart of a speaker not only coming to terms with loss and love but utilizing them to forge a stronger self. From Infinity to Infinity overflows with enlivening transcendent moments.

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