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Poetic Genius Live Event Offer

An experience curated to awaken your creative fire 🔥 

Located at a beautiful private residence in Encinitas, we will tune in to connect with our higher selves through:

  • Chinese tea ceremony

  • Guided Visualization + Intention Setting

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Silent Disco Sonic Journey

  • Genius writing session

This is a live event in Encinitas, CA. Address/Zoom link will be emailed to you. If you are unable to attend live you can stream the experience on Zoom.

What People Are Saying:

I've been to a couple of these events. I can just say that, my experience of it is really rooting in myself and in community, I always feel really open, very present. There's always a beautiful mixture of spiritual people, modalities and truthfully it's always a hit every time I've ever joined one of these events always been very livening and exciting. So if you're considering joining one of these events, joining anything that Dijon is hosting, I'm more than recommended."

Joshua Dryden

I have been attending these events for the past year and a half since I moved to San Diego and I absolutely loved them. I'm so grateful. I've had these events in this community since I've moved to San Diego. Every single event is fun and I just, after every event, I just feel free and I feel lighter and I just feel connected. You know, we're dancing, getting weird, getting out of her comfort zone. So it feels good to be around people that really see you for who you are at the core, and really see you for, you know, that inner child inside of you that's inside of each and every one of us. So I'm so grateful for this amazing community and, really tapping into the creative flow of dance and, and I've actually incorporated it more into my daily routine, you know, in the morning now I dance and I really believe that the universe chose us, sparked that within me. So thank you for that Dijon and I can't wait for this community to continue to grow and expand, and I can't wait to see you there.

Niki Van Houten

Hi, my name is Rowena and I attended this event today. Not really knowing what to expect. it was such a profound experience and I felt so connected and my intention was to be connected and, and I am so connected. I received so many messages that I was looking for. And I just want to think Dijon for, hosting this event and also to Joseph for, providing the space. I would honestly recommend this to everyone, to have this experience. And, I can't, I can't tell you more because you just have to be here to experience that. Thank you.


I attended Dijon's event and it was so rejuvenating to my soul. It was just incredibly peaceful. Dijon did a really awesome job of facilitating yoga and meditation, and then we danced and that was really fun and liberating. It was really awesome to just be around so many amazing people who were in their space of freedom and felt fully able to express themselves however they wanted in a safe container that Dijon was able to hold for all of us. It was really a fun time to kind of let loose and at the same time, integrate within and look within. It was a really, really awesome experience. After the event, I felt so lit up and inspired that I actually wrote my own poem and I've never done that before. So that just goes to show you that creativity and the internal interest that was peaked within started from that event. So thank you Dijon for setting the space and creating that space for creativity and and playfulness enjoy to be explored in a really safe space. So thank you. I cannot wait for the next one.

Jen Parambath

Hi, Renee here. I wanted to stop by and give a little shout out to my friend Dijon, who is this beautiful person and I'm so honored to call him my friend. He invited me to this recent gathering and my friend happened to be visiting from Michigan and it was the perfect end to the week, beginning of another week, it was such a beautiful group of people. We instantly just felt the energy of love. Dijon started it off with a sweet tea ceremony, and I'm all about tea. So I've really enjoyed that to just kind of start the morning, that way. And people were getting their face painted and then he led us over to this beautiful lawn with these big Palm trees and we did yoga under the shade of palm trees, and it was just such a beautiful experience. And then we were ending in Savasana and he's like, you have headphones, go ahead and put them on. And then we were just dancing . So I just wanted to share my enjoyment and highly recommend it. And I live in San Francisco, but I would totally make the trip down to hit another one.

Reneé Mifsudo