From Infinity To Infinity

Through lotus flowers, peach trees, honeybees, “radiant raspberry redwoods,” and more, this poetry volume directs our attention inward.

This collection shines far beyond its imagery and hums at a frequency that coaxes the mind open.

With poems that enchant as mantra and affirmations, this book is full of timeless truths from ancient meditative practices, wrought in modern and compelling verse. 

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Under Moroccan Skies

A visual poem

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Dijon Bowden is a multi-dimensional artist who believes in self-actualization as a means to inspire others to ignite their own divinity. The meditation retreats and yoga teacher training he has attended has allowed him to sustain a powerful connection to Source energy and channel visionary art.

Storytelling, music, poetry, photography, and filmmaking are vehicles he uses to share high vibrational healing energy.

His musical project Indigo Keys creates cosmic soundscapes that are accompanied by cinematic visuals to create epic soulful experiences that speak to the human heart and soul.

His storytelling project SOULS of Society aims to create compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness and has made millions of impressions online.

From Infinity to Infinity is his first volume of poetry.


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