Spiritual Cleansing

spirituality Sep 27, 2021

Do you remember that icky feeling after being around a toxic person or environment? Or a sudden wave of anxiety that you can’t find a reason for? Maybe you’ve just been feeling a lot of fatigue, even though you slept well the night before?

Sometimes, the reasons for feeling drained or overwhelmed are not easily resolved with rest alone. 

It could be that you are in need of spiritual cleansing.

What is Spiritual Cleansing?

The act of doing a spiritual cleansing is a practice of ridding the energetic space of negative energies.

Negativity is something that has the ability to stick to you and your spaces, such as your home and your body.

Your body is surrounded by an energetic field (translation: your aura) that protects you and your energetic body.

But when we come into consistent contact with low energies of negative emotion, our aura can become clogged.

As a result, it loses its ability to shield us from future negativity. 

Why You Need a Spiritual Cleansing


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Create Your Own Reality

spirituality Aug 30, 2021

For many centuries, philosophers have argued that what we experience with our five senses -- color, sound, smell, taste, and touch, are qualities that exist only in our minds. 

To illustrate this concept, they proposed the following thought experiment:

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?

If there is no living being to experience something, does it really happen? -- The answer to this question is, of course, yes. It still happens.

Whereas, does it make a sound? -- This is where it gets tricky. Because the very definition of sound depends on the experience of a human being.

According to Philosophers, we cannot use our senses to understand the physical reality as it really is

Things are only as they appear in the mind.

The only thing we can have certainty of is what our mind perceives.

So, we can never know what the true nature of reality looks like. All we have to rely on are the representations in our minds to...

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