How to BE IN FLOW ft. Solara Rose

flow nirvana podcast Feb 06, 2019

The crystalline clarity which Solara Rose navigates the 5th dimension is inspiring AF.

As an energy expert and psychic advisor her multi-dimensional awareness is profound and she is a master manifestor. A lot of her work is supporting people to create immensely large sums of wealth...quickly!

In this podcast, we drop in to discuss the most important thing in manifesting...tuning into flow.

Once you do that, the steps to creating the reality you want reveal themselves to you step by step.

Tune in for Solara's Liquid Nirvana activation.

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How to BE A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ft. Megan Zimring

@meganzimring was one of the first new people I met when I was considering moving to LA . 

She welcomed me into to her home to host a documentary screening for my storytelling project @soulsofsociety.

Even though we didn't know each other I felt an immediate connectedness because she was so open and hospitable.

As we became better friends I got to see how powerful she is and how devoted to her path she is. She leads people through soul breakthrough sessions and helps them get more deeply in touch with themselves through cosmic astrology.

In this episode of the @howtobeamflegend #podcast, she breaks it down on How to BE A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR . 

Tune in, we need this medicine right now more than ever.

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How to BE MAGICAL AF ft. David Lion

David Lion is a great friend and true inspiration.

He lives his life with such flow and grace. He's a magician in the truest sense of the word.

He sparks joy and wonder where ever he goes and I'm glad to call him my homie.

It wasn't always that way though. In this episode of the How To Be A MF Legend podcast, he shares how he overcame a crippling fear of being seen to igniting his passion and performing in front of #Drake.

Tune in for a magical hero's journey

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What’s good fam? 

For me, most things are good. My life is truly blessed.

It wasn't always that way though. I suffered for a long time. I’m talking deep, dark depression. Suicidal thoughts. I know what it’s like to see no way out.

Thankfully, through a lot of inner work and inspirational influences I made it out to the other side. I’m not gonna pretend that every day is easy, but I’ve learned the importance of consciously bringing joy into my life at every chance - and that’s been a game changer.

Who says play has to stop after childhood?

When you’ve been wading through darkness for so long and you finally come into lighter energy, you feel like a newborn. Fresh eyes to see, expanded heart to feel, new mind to wonder.

Do you feel me?

And you know what, I have the most epic podcast episode to share with you to help with exactly that:

“How To HARNESS THE POWER OF PLAY” with my good friend Dr. Cat...

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