How to OVERCOME ADDICTION ft. Sydney Campos

@sydneycampos is a fully embodied lightworker. A conscious creator of HEAVEN ON EARTH.

She leads retreats in tropical locations like Bali where she awakens people to their true essence and helps them remember their divinity.

It's a beautiful life, but the path to getting there was dark. She had to go through the shadow and overcome addiction to become the being she is now.

Let this episode of the @howtobeamflegend podcast serve as a reminder that no matter what you are going through, it is preparing you for what you came here to do.


The greatest healers and teachers have to learn to face their shadow and heal themselves first. Let Sydney’s story inspire you and remind you that you have the strength within to not only overcome any obstacle but to thrive and fly through it.

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How to DANCE YOURSELF FREE ft. Jess Grippo


@jessgrippo is so dope!

She left the professional dancing world and stopped her dream of being a ballerina only to discover a love for making dance videos of herself in weird places like public bathrooms
She started a dance revolution inspiring people to move for the fun of it and to express themselves rather than to try and fit in a certain mold
I love her because she's down to Earth and lives to inspire
Grateful she popped on the @howtobeamflegend podcast to share her wisdom on how to restart your creative fire

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Amazing episode of the @howtobeamflegend #podcast where @jonahkest let us in to see the unseen layers of the journey when you're committing to your purpose.

Jonah seems deeply rooted in his calling. You can catch him on Instagram traveling the world, soaking up culture, and spreading yoga everywhere he goes.

He comes from a powerful yoga lineage and it was fun to hear how it has shaped his life and made him so wise at such an early age.

Tune in for a real honest look at walking the journey to your destiny.
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