How to LOVE YOURSELF ft. Rachel Pringle

Sending waves of love to you today!

Do you feel it?

You can only receive that love from me, or anyone else if you love yourself.

Do you love you? Do you do things on a daily basis to practice self-love?

It's taken me a long time to understand what self-love actually means.

It’s not just about acknowledging what you're good at, it’s about loving all parts of yourself. The dark side. The shadow. The pain. The story that got you here. The vulnerabilities.

It’s gotta be the whole thing. This self-love journey has opened me up to so much creative expansion, soul connections, and abundance beyond my wildest dreams.

When I'm not loving myself, and I fall off sometimes, I'm hungry for love from the outside. Constantly seeking validation or wanting a partner to fill me up.

I also fall into a trap of letting the voice of ego run the show (that’s the perfectionist in me). Loving yourself is being a friend to yourself. Being encouraging as you would to your bestie. Not criticizing them, but celebrating where they are encouraging them to keep going.

You gotta do the same thing for yourself because as I said, if you're not loving yourself, nothing from outside will truly be able to satisfy you.

When you start to back yourself, the Universe matches your vibration. Where ever you are - it’s all a process.

If this is speaking to you, I invite you to listen to “How To Love Yourself” - a podcast episode featuring embodiment coach, wonder woman, and all around badass Rachel Pringle.

Her words and presence are medicine and they'll leave you feeling inspired to take the time to connect with yourself and make self-love a daily practice. She also shares some of her favorite ways of loving herself that you can add to your routine. 

Listen on iTunes HERE

In this world where we’re told so often who we are is not enough or not right, and we're encouraged to keep striving for external "success", it’s time to surrender that seeking and say, “Everything I need is already inside me. I AM A MOTHERFUCKING LEGEND and I'm enjoying the process of uncovering the layers!”

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See you soon.


Big love,




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