How to BE SOBER AF ft.Susy Schieffelin

In this amazing episode Susy, aka The Copper Vessel, vulnerably shares her journey through the darkness of addiction and anxiety.

She's still here today because she found her way back to the light.

Susy has been a tremendous inspiration on my own healing journey. She's literally the most positive person I know. Her energy and sense of integrity help me align to Source in a more clear way and I'm so honored to have her on the show to share her shine.

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I'll let her share about her journey in her own words:

"My own life experience taught me that real healing is a holistic path that begins with a journey to the Self. We can take away the manifestations of our addictions, but in order to heal anxiety and dis-ease, we must choose to re-connect with the light within.

My background includes a degree in East Asian Studies and Religious Studies from the University of Virginia as well as certifications as a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor (RYT 200 and KYT in-progress), training in Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Breathwork, and, of course, the Art of Sound Healing.

For years, addiction, anxiety, dis-ease, depression, an unhealthy body, and an unhappy mind were my reality. I was miserable. I couldn’t get out of my own way to makes the changes I knew I needed to get better. Through Sound Healing, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation, I was able to get and stay sober, reconnect with my authentic self, and build a healthy, happy, radiant life. With guidance and support, I believe that this is possible for you too.

At The Copper Vessel, you will find a healing experience that integrates the various modalities that helped me most on my own healing journey synthesized into a uniquely transformative experience customized just for you. I work with people who are fed up with being stuck in the same old cycles and want to get back to feeling light, whole, and embodied in their power. I help people to heal and re-open their hearts to a new understanding of self-love. I offer you tools to integrate into your daily life and create change that lasts a lifetime. The goal is to feel happy, free, and empowered to live a life that makes you feel truly fulfilled. When that happens, the anxiety/depression/dis-ease tends to disappear in a real and lasting way!

Gandhi famously said that “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” I believe that we all have the capacity to overcome the obstacles of our past and that true healing is possible when we make space to create harmony in our lives. It is my mission to offer you grounded, informed, loving, and authentic guidance toward health, happiness, and inner peace.

Your journey to healing is your own, but you do not have to walk the path alone.
Together, we can heal through harmony.

Sat Nam,

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