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spirituality Aug 30, 2021

For many centuries, philosophers have argued that what we experience with our five senses -- color, sound, smell, taste, and touch, are qualities that exist only in our minds. 

To illustrate this concept, they proposed the following thought experiment:

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?

If there is no living being to experience something, does it really happen? -- The answer to this question is, of course, yes. It still happens.

Whereas, does it make a sound? -- This is where it gets tricky. Because the very definition of sound depends on the experience of a human being.

According to Philosophers, we cannot use our senses to understand the physical reality as it really is

Things are only as they appear in the mind.

The only thing we can have certainty of is what our mind perceives.

So, we can never know what the true nature of reality looks like. All we have to rely on are the representations in our minds to understand reality.

If you can control those representations, does that mean you can create your own reality each day?

Can You Really Create Your Own Reality

If you look around the world we live in today, in comparison to 100,000 years ago, then -- yes. 

It is very much a reflection of what was once in the mind, is now a reality.

Because all creation, first, has to find root in a person’s imagination to then be able to manifest itself into the physical world. One way to tap into this creativity is through creative journaling.

All the art, the music, the architecture, the technological advancements, the medical innovation... was brought to life by people who had an idea appear in their mind, then they put that idea into action.

All the strife, poverty, climate change, social exclusion, chaos... are also things that were created by the human mind...

...Through the unconscious use of the mind.

The Tale of the Wishing Tree

“One day a lone traveler was passing through a desert. He was hungry, tired, and thirsty. As he was looking for somewhere to shelter from the blistering sun, he saw a tree.

While he rested in the forgiving shade of the leafy branches, he thought to himself: 

If only I had something to drink” -- and water appeared. So he drank.

He felt glad to quench his thirst.

It would be nice to eat something” he wished to himself. And food appeared. So he ate. 

He was pleased to satisfy his hunger. 

But, wait!” he thought to himself. 

What is going on here? I asked for a drink, drinks came. I asked for food, food came. There must be ghosts around here!

And just like so, ghosts appeared.

Oh no!” the man trembled with fear. “The ghosts are going to hurt me and kill me!

And so he died.

The whole time the man was sitting under a wishing tree. Whatever he asked for, became a reality.”

Where Your Attention Goes Energy Flows

Throughout Eastern folklore, this tale is shared to illustrate that, in life, your mind is the wishing tree

An untrained mind that lacks discipline plunders into chaos and breeds madness all around it.

It jumps from one thought to the next, attaching the quality of truth to everything that arises.

But a well-established, disciplined mind has the power of controlled, conscious creation (translation: manifestation). 

You have a choice of what thoughts you want to believe.

Manifestation: How to Use the Power of Conscious Creation To Create Your Own Reality

Everything is created twice, first in the mind then in reality” -- Robin Sharma.

The Science world is still dealing with how to best understand the implications of quantum theory. 

In the field of quantum physics, experiments proved that the foundation of our world isn’t physical at all. In fact, everything is energy

And further research unveiled even stranger conclusions. 

When the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted a controlled experiment with a beam of electrons, they found that the electrons are affected by the very act of being observed.

This led to a whole new way of understanding the universe we live in -- “The way the world behaves depends on how you look at it [and how you interact with it]”.

If a tree falls, the interpretation of this event, the sound and how you feel about it depends on you - - the observer.

Perception is everything

A Guide to Creating the Life You Want -- in 3 Steps

Everybody loves an underdog. 

There is something kindred about witnessing a person overcome hardships and reach all of their goals, to eventually live the life of their dreams. 

But why is it that we feel the need for hardship, pain, and resistance to meet our paths to a good life?

It’s as if we always expect the other shoe to drop. If ghosts appear that necessarily means they are here to kill us.

When we wholeheartedly believe and react to every thought that pops into our mind, we unconsciously create obstacles on our way to the reality we want. 

So, how can you become a conscious participant in creating your own reality?

Step 1: Examine Your Relationship with Your Thoughts

“There was a day when a man took his wife on a road trip. While driving around, they got a flat tire. He looked at his wife, smiled, and said “Just in time for the tire sale at Costco!”.”

This kind of shift in the attitude towards life changes the way you see your reality as a whole.

The only job of the mind is to think. Thoughts will always arise but you can influence how you interact with those thoughts.

If you didn’t get the job you wanted, you can choose to see it as ‘if I didn’t get this one, there must be a better option waiting out there for me’.

Or you can spiral into ‘Did I do something wrong in the interview? How dare they not see how great I am? But I worked so hard to get here, why is life so unfair…

Which statements are better-feeling to you?

Sometimes, we go through our entire lives without even paying attention to what goes on in our own heads.

As a result, we end up just feeling whatever negative emotion that accompanies the messy thoughts.

So, meditate. Participate in a spiritual cleanse. Pay attention to what thoughts come into your mind. And choose to give your attention to the positive thoughts.

Choose positive thinking, feel compassionate and loving emotions about yourself and the world around you. 

Where your attention goes -- energy of creation flows.

Step 2: Raise Your Vibration

When everything in the world is energy that means you, first and foremost, interact with reality on the level of vibration. 

The reality you experience is based on what you believe to be true. That includes what you think to be true about yourself.

If you don’t feel so good about the world around you, about yourself, or where you are in your life, the energy you vibrate out is of a low frequency.

Just like a radio station tunes into the frequency you set it to, the reality you perceive will reflect the frequency you have set yourself to. Thank you Abraham Hicks for the analogy.

If you are vibrating at the level of unworthiness, fear, or anger you will naturally reject, and not even see the abundance, opportunities, and joy right in front of you. 

Because the vibrations you emit only allow you to perceive that of the same vibrational match to you. 

In the true style of the law of attraction -- positive thinking will attract positive things, and negative thinking will only attract more negativity.

There are many things you can do to raise your vibration and create a better-feeling reality for yourself:

  • Exercise. Running, yoga, dancing, Crossfit, going for a walk... Any movement will get the energies moving in your body
  • Laugh. The best antidote to the low frequencies of pain, fear, and doubt is laughter. When you really laugh, it becomes hard to think about anything else
  • Do something you enjoy. The things that make you smile will, not only raise your vibration but will help you understand who you are
  • Know when to put your needs first. When you say ‘no’ to something you don’t really want to do, you stay true to who you truly are
  • Find more ways to feel positive emotion, to have fun, and raise your vibration because it simply feels good

Step 3: Take Informed Action

The first law of how you can create your own reality depends on your thoughts.

First, you have to think like the person who lives in the reality you desire. Shift your belief to the fact that you are: that deserving, that lucky, and that powerful

Second, if you want to be this kind of person, you have to feel at the level that kind of person would feel. Raise your vibration to tune into your desired version of yourself.

Third, you have to do the things a person in that reality would do.

When creating your own reality, it’s not always as simple as wishing something into existence.

Because of your positive thoughts and high-vibe feelings, opportunities will come that will open the door for the reality you envision. 

But you have one more step to take before it all manifests as yours.

You have to take the opportunity. Receive what is given, and act on it.

This is where millions of people would fall into inaction. Being so close to the reality of their own design.

When we make decisions in life, the mind tells us to rely on past experiences. To learn from what has happened before so that we can make an informed decision. 

But what if your actions were informed by your vision of the future, rather than your understanding of the past?



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