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Awakening Genius

A playground for you to unlock your creative expressions.

You're unstoppable. Have fun! 


Module 1 - Align

Creating starts with focusing on yourself. We begin the journey by aligning your energies and intentions.

Module 2 - Embody

Your body is amazing and can create so much beauty and energy. We continue with embodiment practice to ground the momentum we created through yoga, dance, and fitness training.

Module 3 - Create

Yes, you are a creative genius, and we're witnesses! We manifest your creative energy through various expressions such as poetry and journaling.

Module 4 - Thrive

We solidify our foundation by creating financial freedom through learning about the blockchain and how to invest in cryptocurrency. 

Hear Ashton's experience doing Sadhana in the Ambrosial hours...


How do I know the program is for me?

Have you ever denied yourself by the thought "I'm just not creative"?

Have you ever felt frustrated in a work or personal situation, yet stuck with no solution?

Do you ever experience burnout without ways to destress, so you end up with a "scrolling addiction" or rewatching the same show for the 17th time?


You may have fooled yourself, but not us.

Yes, you are creative. You have a unique mind, body, and one-of-a-kind life experiences. 


What if we told you, next time you're experiencing frustration, practicing breathwork or writing a short poem will make you feel completely different, and it'll only take a minute?


What you can create can only be created by you, and we're here to help you harness the creative mindset.

A creative mindset is not bounded by any shape or form. Like water flowing or children playing, it always finds a way. 


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What people are saying about Awakening Genius 

Testimonial ~ Britt

Dijon is a magician.

He is a true muse and working with him wasn't just about what we got done in our time together. It was about how he had already done the work and cultivated his inner creative.

And so I just got to jump in and create sometimes spontaneously, really authentically in a space that he had already created for me.

So I don't think it's at all whimsical, that his brand is called Dijon's Dimension because getting in his dimension unlocked me.

Working with him was worth every penny. It's continually putting inspiration into me to think back on the times we've hung out and the different tools I've learned from him about cultivating my inner creative and activating things that were lying dormant within me.

Benefits of Awakening Your Genius

  • always seeing a path to solution
  • fall in love with yourself, your mind, your body, and past
  • amaze yourself with what you can create
  • heal gently and gracefully (yes creativity can be therapeutical)
  • gain a community of kind souls to hold you accountable to be your highest self
  • breakthrough the stagnancy of self-limiting beliefs
  • develop a clear connection with your soul and a knowledge of how to communicate with it on an ongoing basis

Testimonial ~ Shophar

Fredrick Douglas was said to have taught himself how to read by asking his playmates ?uestions. It is no coincidence to me that he then found a way to get Free because his Mind had expanded beyond slavery... Money and Finance are languages. Over the years I have tried to learn how to become fluent in them myself with minimum $uccess. In this Time when Sovereignty is of upmost importance Dijon’s knowledge of Crypto is the North Star. Listen to Dijon and learn how to get FREE...

Hear Karl share how the daily poetry practice got him in touch with gifts he didn't know he had...


Develop Your Mastery


There is something unique within you only you can bring to this world.

Feel free to reach out if you need support to take the next step.

Become a Genius

Hear Rych share how the daily poetry practice opened his heart...


Your Guide ~ Dijon

I'm a multi-dimensional artist and spiritual catalyst who believes in creative expression as a means to self-actualization.

Yoga, meditation, and community are the foundations of my creative process and throughout my ten years as a professional photographer, storyteller, musician, poet, and podcaster I've learned universally accessible ways to tap into flow states.

This community was created to support you to fully activate your creativity.

Once you're tapped in, you can live knowing you are sharing your unique essence through creative expression. 

Believe in Yourself

If you have a dream, it's because you're meant to bring it to life.

You're ready when you decide you are.

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Guest Facilitators

We are blessed to have an amazing group of yogis and healers who will also be lending their knowledge and energy to your expansion.

Get to know them below.

Sucha Kumar - Movement Fusion

I am a 500hr ryt but have been practicing yoga for 15+ years and have spent the past 12 years marrying myself to different sports/movement arts at months/years at a time to explore, experiment and find purpose in said style of training.

This includes dance, swimming, basketball, weightlifting, HIIT, kickboxing, calisthenics with added variations of each movement modality.

Moving has taught me a lot. Externally & internally. It's brought out my biggest insecurities but has also allowed me to overcome those insecurities.

Movement Fusion was born because I no longer wanted to identify with one modality of movement. I loved it ALL too much.

Kirti Srivastava

Kirti Srivastava will be leading a masterclass on Mantra.

She uses creativity and spirituality to ignite access to source divine. A dancer, yogi, and educator for over 20 years— she looks to connect our human existence to our spiritual calling. As a first-generation American, Kirti has weaved constructs around race and identity with her spiritual work as well resulting in deep conversations around cultural appropriation, the role of patriarchy and the responsibility of human beings on this planet.

 She currently works to promote peace through self-love as a personal trainer integrating mindful fitness, a yoga philosophy teacher, an educational consultant bringing arts and spirit in to school culture, and as a movement medicine practitioner who facilitates individual and group energy healing practices through breath, sound and movement.

Shophar Graves

Shophar will be leading a Qi Gong workshop to enliven our energy.

He began studying Qi Gong in 2002 and Energy Body Work in 2007. 

Shophar learned from systems of Tantra, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Hebrew Kabbalah, African Spirituality (Egyptian Tree of Life and IFA) and he uses knowledge from each modality within this unique work.

He is also the author of S.O.L, Sacred Orgasmic Living, which focuses on helping people understand how to have more Intimacy in life so that they experience more Peace and Pleasure. 

Niki Van Houten

Niki will be leading a MasterClass on Unlock Your Quantum Expression Through Subconscious Mind with Theo.

Niki Van Houten is a transformational coach, impact-driven entrepreneur and super-connector. She went from teaching 2nd grade to doing door-to-door sales with a startup solar company. Over 4 years in the solar industry, she brought in over $5M in sales revenue and is now using her superpowers to support heart-led leaders. She has helped some of the top transformational coaches and speakers hit 6 and 7 figures in their businesses with her mindful, sacred sales process. She is also certified in NLP and Subconscious Mind Coaching. Niki is relentlessly committed and devoted to self-mastery, changing the world and helping other leaders do the same.

Theo Cummings

Theo will be leading a MasterClass on Unlock Your Quantum Expression Through Subconscious Mind with Niki.

Theo Cummings went from an introverted and depressed musician to anxious and addicted leader in the music industry to founding a rapidly growing 6-and-a-half figure global conscious success coaching business Charisma Coaches. He is also a certified hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, and NLP. His work has been recognized by thought leaders such as Marisa Peer, Gerard Adams and top leaders who have worked at major corporations like PriceWaterHouseCooper and Verizon Wireless. Theo helps high-performing female coaches hit $20-$50K months within 1-3 months without fear and overwhelm by leveraging Charisma Mastery, Subconscious reprogramming Mastery, and Human Design Mastery.

Doc Peace

Dr. Peace Uche is doc.PEACE, a Doctor of Pharmacy, Transformational Rhythmic Speaker, Empowerment Guru and Radio Show Personality who has guided hundreds of women in creating a life they deserve and desire by owning their innate gifts & talents and pursuing their passions.

Get it going: doc.PEACE’s helps ambitious wellness professionals leverage their creativity to craft a life of time & location freedom making $10K a month (or more!) doing what they love through these five GOLDen principles: Calibration, Creation, Connection, Community, and Collaboration.

doc.PEACE envisions a world of unity and seeks to accomplish this vision by helping others shine their light. Her steadfast motto is "Together we thrive".

Gemma Totten - Movement & Mindfulness

I have been practicing yoga since I was 10 years old. Tapping into my
body's intuition has helped me learn myself on a deep level, and I
believe that when we love ourselves, we are able to show up fully for
the world, allowing us to give back.

I am passionate about helping people come to this place. Movement,
writing, and reflection are the tools I use to dive deep into self.

Together, we can do so much good for humanity!

Sydney Liv Sanpreet

Sydney Liv Sanpreet will be leading a masterclass on Kundalini and breathwork.

Sydney Liv Sanpreet grew up in southern California, climbing trees and expressing herself through creative arts the day she could hold a paintbrush. As a young adult she discovered yoga and meditation and has been on the pursuit of self-study and consciousness ever since.
 For the past ten years, she has been professionally empowering others, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sydney is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Coach, and Sound Healing Practitioner. She is also an advocate for self-expression. Sydney is a multi-medium artist and successful creative director, loving both visual arts and vibrational musical arts. Sydney believes that authentic self-expression and the pursuit of spirituality are deeply intertwined. Her word for this integration is SOUL-EXPRESSION.

Kiyoshi - EntrepreEdutainer & Rap Coach

Kiyoshi will be leading a Freestyle Activation Workshop.

Participants will learn how to gain freedom through on-the-spot vocal expression, break through fears and blocks, gain trust, increase confidence, and get more comfortable with creating & performing in front of others in a very fun and safe container.

Check out Kiyoshi's jam and music


Kallie Falandays

Kallie Falandays is the author of Dovetail Down the House (Burnside Review Press). You can read her work in PANK, Black Warrior Review, American Poetry Review, and elsewhere. She founded Tell Tell Poetry to help secret poets become published authors.

Lauren Turton

Lauren Turton is a Business Coach for spiritual and wellness experts, and she has successfully worked with over 200 companies on their marketing, branding, advertising, and events.  She has produced over 100 events, clients include companies listed in the Fortune 500 and Forbes Richest List. 

Tiffany Nalu

Tiffany will be leading a session on Nalu Healing Arts. 

Tiffany's practice focuses on the in-depth understanding of the nervous system, where we hold emotions in our bodies, and how acupressure and vibrational sound can help relieve stress, anxiety, sleep disorders & calm emotions.

Awakening Genius Guest Sessions

Amazed by the guest facilitators? Check out their sessions that are included in the full Awakening Genius program.

We've also created options to drop in. Have fun creating.

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Testimonial ~ Nikita

My experience in the container has opened up my Awareness in viewing life as poetry and my existence as a Creative Being.

The practice of tuning in to write a poem each day has led to a subtle unraveling of my daily communications with nature and others as an innate poetic expression.

With that, I feel I am better seen in my authenticity and able to channel creative source energy by not being attached to my mind, and rather, inviting fluidity as I walk through life.

The feedback provided by Dijon has truly been helpful, he has great insights into unlocking different levels of our abilities.

It is beautiful to witness the community in their expression in our creative container. Visioning and creating through the power of our words, imagination, and experience is a potent form of alchemical healing.